How to Get Started Playing Golf

There are few places in the world more beautiful than a well-constructed golf course. Lush fairways and perfectly manicured greens accentuate the feeling of nature one gets strolling among the trees and waterways that dot today’s courses as hazards to the game. At some courses, the roar of ocean surf is a comforting, relaxing backdrop. At others, cool mountain air and the song of wild birds accompany golfers.

To get started, a prospective duffer will need clubs, shoes, tees and golf balls. Specialized shoes are necessary to help keep one’s feet firmly planted when swinging. Without them, neophytes might easily injure themselves. For a true beginner, the clubs and balls should be of good quality, but there is no need for top-of-the-line equipment. If they can afford it, brand-new golfers should take a couple of lessons to learn the proper swing. Nothing is quite as embarrassing as swinging and missing a golf ball a dozen times before tipping it eight feet down the fairway with the 13th stroke. Of course, beginners will have their problems, but many of them can be avoided with a few, simple pointers.

Learning golf together can be a fantastic team-building experience as friends and colleagues share a few good laughs at the miscues, high-five each others’ successes, and give each participant chances to help each other succeed. The learned skills go far beyond hitting the green in two or draining a 30-foot putt, and the forged relationships can last a lifetime. These new friends and business partners will open up new avenues of networking which, in turn, will provide new opportunities. Even if someone never gets his or her handicap into single digits, learning to play golf just makes good sense.